The Process of Preservation

Step 1: Collecting

We collect artifacts from a variety of sources! We accept donations from developers, producers, and enthusiasts alike. We also download and store any freely available interactive media that is already online.

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Step 2: Cataloging

After collecting any new artifact, we manually catalog it by its format, title, author, and unique attributes. 

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Step 3: Digitizing

We digitize any interactive media we catalog which isn’t already in digital format. Digitization is an incredibly important part of preservation efforts because physical media like discs, cartridges, and cards are prone to decay/rot regardless of how well they are stored.

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Step 4: Displaying

We try to make artifacts available to our patrons over the internet whenever possible. Otherwise, we are working to obtain a permanent physical space to publicly display our collection. We also exhibit parts of our collection at various events and partner venues.

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