The Interactive Media Archive (IMArchive) is an American headquartered nonprofit whose mission is to preserve and promote interactive and participatory media (“intmedia”). It is working to collect, catalog, and curate the largest inventory of interactive content, of both physical and digital forms, in history. The goal is to ensure that no piece of interactive media ever becomes lost or hidden away exclusively in private collections and unable to be used or studied by researchers/educators, industry professionals, or members of the public.

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As a means to this end, IMArchive is accepting donations of interactive and participatory media of all types (games, applications, modules, virtual/augmented reality simulations, film/video, books, art, etc.), the systems that run intmedia, and any associated materials for preservation for generations to come.

View our current inventory of intmedia and donate or volunteer to help us expand it.

IMArchive is also deeply interested in promoting the beneficial use of interactive and participatory media across society, particularly for projects seeking the betterment of the public good. In pursuit of this, IMArchive supports the development of interactive works that help humanity and provides guidance for those in the interactive media industry looking to use their skills to further worthy causes.

To Contact IMArchive
Email: inbox@imarchive.org
Phone: 848-229-1616

Kindly Send All Physical Donations to:
P.O. Box 326
Old Bridge, NJ 08857
and please notify us of the incoming delivery